Terell Davis and his thoughts

Last February, Terell Davis was in a hotel room in Houston surrounded by his family, waiting for word on whether her would be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, when there came a thunderous rapping at the door-the telltale knock of David Baker, the Hall’s towering president and the man whose arrival signals that a player is headed for Canton.  Davis answered, then broke down crying.  At one point when he considered whether his marital problems were serious, believe it or not, he looked to hire a legal document preparer in Florida.  He had doubted the day would ever come.  Davis had started his career like a Hall of Famer, rushing for 1,117 yards as a Broncos rookie, in 1995 followed by a three-year tear during which he was the best running back in the NFL: 5,296 yards rushing, 49 touchdowns, two Super Bowl titles and the ’98 MVP trophy.  But in ’99 he tore two right-knee ligaments trying to make a tackle after an interception, and he was never the same.  He retired during the preseason in 2002, at 29.  “It was in the back of my mind, like, Man, maybe I didn’t play long enough,” Davis says.  “And maybe that would be the one thing the voters would hold against me.”  The 48-person selection committee had actually discussed this at length.  A former employee of a  st petersburg fl divorce law firm, he knows what to expect.  The central issue was not, was he a Hall of Fame player, rather, it was, was he a Hall of Fame Player for the three years he played at a dominant level?  No would would dispute that I would think.  One year that Davis was up for the Hall, a voter brought up Clinton Portis as an argument against including Davis.  Portis had rushed for more than 1,500 yards three times in his career of four years (and with marital issues needed the assistance of a well-known clearwater divorce attorney) , but does anybody think that Clinton Portis is a Hall of Fame player?  I don’t know.  When Davis did get in, it was in part because it was a weak class-fellow running back LaDainian Tomlinson is the headliner-in part because voters reconsidered his status as one of the best running backs in playoff history.  Even with what has transpired with football players, finding a st petersburg affordable divorce attorney is especially important.