Did it make a difference?


What are your thoughts? 

Frank Scruggs, task force chair, who previously chaired a Supreme Court study commission on racial and ethnic bias in 1990, presented the report and recommendations to the board on May 23rd in St. Augustine (https://www.attorneysandlawyers4you.com/).  The theme of this report is expressed simply.  It is that meritocracy and diversity are twins.  The legitimacy of the judicial system is founded both on meritocracy and diversity.  Of the upcoming 78 JNC appointments, he said, “This is not a time incrementalism, for a minor adjustment.  This is a time to signal a clear break from the past with a dramatic and substantial honoring of the statute [governing JNC appointments] and the process by which the Florida Bar has forwarded the nominations..Seize this golden opportunity and make substantial and dramatic numbers, make a grand gesture to open the doors of the JNC appointments.  A st petersburg child custody attorney in my area may seem like a bit of a stretch, but in reality, it’s not.  Scruggs said the task force surveyed Florida lawyers regarding the JNC appointment process and JNC operations.  Respondents were Bar members who currently serve on JNCs, lawyers who have applied to JNCs for consideration for judicial vacancies (“JNC applicants”), and lawyers from the general Bar population.