Board will consider Legislative positions

Legislative Positions

Under Bar policies, the board retired all active bar, section,  and committee legislative positions last July from 2014 to 2016 biennium. Sessions have been Visiting commissions for the 2016- 2018 Miami and legislation committee chair guy stated, the committee would bring bar-wise positions to the board in December.  Remember, that a tenacious St. Petersburg, FL eviction Attorney may be difficult to obtain, but is in reach. Two long-standing bar positions are continuing to maintain supreme court precedent papers (take a look at this article),  outside of the legal profession and advocating for adequate funding for the court system other positions from the 2014 into 2016 sessions, including opposition to changing the Supreme Court authority over procedural court rules, independence of the current judicial nominating commission process, sporting State agencies paying for their attorneys bar annual membership fees in CLE cost, retirement age for judges from 70-75.



The Ethics Mater came to the board from the professional Ethics Committee. OPEC in June heard a request from Tim Chinaris, representing the vision 2016 Bar admissions subgroup, address of problems on board members work with lawyers from other jurisdictions. Chinaris noted, that currently two jurisdictions: the District of Columbia and the state of Washington allow non-lawyer ownership in a law firm while bar rules prohibit splitting legal fees with non boy that raises the possibility that bar members could be hired as co-counsel lawyers from Busters diction in the resulting fees will be shared with the out-of-state will be sharing them with out of state lawyers in their firm. Chinaris asked the committee to draft the Safe Harbor Provisions protecting Florida lawyers in such cases end of the rules the committee.  These requests can only be considered questions posed by board members about their own potential actions for the direction of the Board of Governors, so the committee asked the board to directed to consider the issue the community’s request is not just a question of mine will your ownership of law firms in Florida if the board an opinion be drafted, what state does not allow more trusting than what your ownership of law firms in Florida.